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    Unanswered: Using dynamic sql to alter a table -- "missing keyword"

    Hello all...

    I am trying to issue the following statement (which works in sqlplus) in pl/sql. "table_object" is an oracle external table which already exists and is being successfully accessed from inside pl/sql. The problem is the physical file to which the table object is attached changes daily and I want to be able to pass the new name into pl/sql and execute the alter table statement inside pl/sql based on that parameter... Passing IN the parameter works fine. I've used dbms_output.put_line to validate that the file name is coming in correctly...

    In sqlplus the statement is:

    alter table table_object location ('new_name_for_file');

    This works fine...

    In pl/sql the file name comes in as v_new_source...

    v_string := 'alter table table_object location ('||v_new_source||')';
    execute immediate v_string;

    No matter how I try to change v_string I get a "missing keyword" error (ora-00905). I've tried all kinds of things to either embed a literal single quote around the v_new_source, or to use a bind variable like:

    v_string := 'alter table table_object location(:1)';
    execute immediate v_string using v_new_source;

    and more and more... I've been batting my head against this for a day now and it is very frustrating... Is there anyone who might know where my syntax is going wrong? I've even tried things like:

    v_string := 'alter table table_object location ('||'''||v_new_source||'''||')'; to embed a literal quote inside the parentheses, but nothing seems to work...

    Any suggestions?
    thanks much
    matthew rapaport (

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    The secret to debugging EXECUTE IMMEDIATE print/display v_string
    as in the following:

    v_string := 'alter table table_object location ('||v_new_source||')';
    --execute immediate v_string;

    Now CUT the results & PASTE into sqlplus to see what works & what does not

    it appears you have a problem with the quote marks.
    CHR(39) is the same as a single quote mark
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    Sheesh! How many years have I done this? But it's been a while and I completely forgot about chr().

    Anyway, that worked fine, thank you... The syntax was:

    v_statement := 'alter table object_name location('||chr(39)||v_file_name||chr(39)||')';
    execute immediate v_statement;

    Worked like a charm! Thank you!!!

    matthew rapaport

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    or what would be less typing

    v_string := 'alter table table_object location ('''||v_new_source||''')';

    two single quotes within a string is treated as an embedded quote.
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    Hi... Thanks, but I tried that approach and it didn't seem to work... Don't mind typing chr(39) a couple of times :-)

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