Hi there all.

Am a newbie to database. Have only played with MSAccess, creating a local database on a local computer.

Now, Im trying to create a website to allow people to exchange used books.
So a visitor can post on my website what books he wishes to give away and another visitor can filter my database, through my website, to see what are the books available for exchange.

Appreciate advice on any of the below issues:
1) How should i think (a general outline) about creating and maintaining a internet-based database? A short summary in the flavor of database-for-dummies would be very very helpful.

2) I have read that MSAccess is unsuitable for a internet-based database due to it being unable to accommodate many users at one time and for security reasons. Am thinking of using mySQL. Is this advisable? I have 0 experience with mySQL and would really prefer to use a WYSIWYG database software.

3) Should i outsource this database construction part of my website to a professional developer?

4) Should i allow data keyed on my website to enter directly and automatically into my database, without me verifying the data? Im concerned about data inaccuracy and mischief by others.

5) How often should i back-up my database?

Many many thanks. About an internet-based database, i really donno what i donno. So if you have any advice for me, I am all ears. Thanks.