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    Unanswered: BP Analyzer and "Disk Sector [0] alignment of server"


    I am running SQL 2005 on Server 2003 with performance Issues and turned to BPA for some insight.

    When BPA gave lots of "Disk Sector [0] alignment of server" errors I set up a project to resolve them. This involved recreating the Array's on our DS400 to be 64k stripe sizes for Each the SQL-Data and SQL-LOG arrays.

    I reformatted the data and logs partitions on my SQL Server and created them using 64k bytes per cluster and set the starting offset to 1024k.

    This means my:
    Stripe size = 65536
    File Allocation Unit Size = 65536
    Starting Offset = 1048576

    Thus if i calculate my values correctly, 1048576 divided by 65536 gives me an integer value of 16 which means my Partition Offset and Stripe Unit size are aligned.

    Furthermore if I divide my Stripe Unit Size (65536) by my File Allocation Unit Size (65536), the integer value of 1 means it too is aligned.

    So I can not understand why SQL BPA still complaining that my alignment is out???

    I did not reformat the O/S partitions so they will still be using the server 2003 default offset of 32256, but surely BPA is only looking at the drives which house the MDF's and LDF's?

    Any assistance would be appreciated.


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    I do not know but I would reindex the dbs and reinstall BPA.
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