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    Unanswered: issue while using substring, charindex together

    charindex('.',mycolumnName) returns proper value
    charindex('.',mycolumnName)-1 also returns proper value

    but when i used to use the below query,

    select substring(mycolumnName,1,(charindex('.',mycolumnNa me)-1)) from myTablename

    am getting [Error Code: 536, SQL State: S1000] Invalid length parameter with value of -1 passed to the substring function

    How to resolve this in Sybase ASE ?
    Vikram RM

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    That's a simple programming error. Let's say charindex('.',mycolumnName)-1 produces x where there is a '.' in the column; it will produce -1 where there is none. You want the substring to extract a string starting at 1 [correct ?] for the length of x [correct ?]. That works nicely when you have a '.' somewhere in the data. What happens when you have none ?

    Select mycolumnName where charindex('.',mycolumnName) = 0
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