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Thread: HADR - Re-Setup

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    Unanswered: HADR - Re-Setup

    DB2 V8.2 WIN 2003

    I had to stop the HADR due to the server issue on the Standby system.
    Now I want to re-setup the HADR. How can I perform this easily?

    Is this steps are correct?

    1. Take full backup on the LIVE DB (Primary)
    2. Restore the backup to STANDBY Node with Rollforward pending mode
    3. Start HADR on Standby server as STANDBY
    4. Start HADR on Live node as Primary.

    Do I need to configure any parameters? I did not drop the Standby DB and restoring with REPLACE option only.

    Please post me your experience.

    Thanks, Gunas.

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    You will have to change some of the HADR settings on the standby after you restore the primary database on the standby server. The local and remote host names are reversed, as are HADR ports, etc.

    Next time, don't stop HADR. Just deactivate the standby database and then stop the instance. Do the reverse when you bring it back on-line (you may have to restart db as standby). Should be OK if you the outage period is not too long (the primary still has all the logs and can replay them).
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