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    Unanswered: Performance tuning in Informix


    I have a query which selects data from two views, view1 view2.

    first time when i execute the query, it returns the result in fraction of seconds.

    However, when I run the query again, 2nd time onwards, the performance is very slow and it takes around 10 secs to get the result...

    I tried creating indexes on the tables from which the views are fetching data, but it was of no use..

    Kindly suggest me some solution

    Thanks and Regards

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    Yes, set de sqexplain and send us them. you must write a sql code like
    " database xx; set explain on; your queries; set explain off".

    You must find a file named "sqexplain.out" with de "optimizer path". These file may help to find (and solve) the problem. bye.

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