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    Unanswered: Forms in Aero Glass

    Hello, has any one seen or have a link to or the code for how to get Access forms to look like Vista Aero Glass. I have googled and googled but no luck. Thanks

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    try this skin ,, may Useful

    Private Sub Form_Load()
        Me.ActiveXCtl52.LoadSkin ("c:\IcqPro.skn")
        Me.ActiveXCtl52.ApplySkin Me.hwnd
    End Sub
    use reg.bat to Register Ocx

    Best Regard
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    Thank you hongylover, I going to give it a try

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    There's also some good Form Manipulation examples in the code bank. One of the examples gives the form a Vista Explorer type look expanding the items by clicking on the + next to the name. ( or (

    I'm not a fan of registering OCX controls. Too many problems on networks with multi-external users.

    Another cool example (where the background color of the form transitions from one color to another color) is located here:

    It also allows each users to set their own background color transition! (Here's another example of the color transition:
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    Excellent! Thanks for your posting.
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