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    Unanswered: How do I populate a form detail based upon other detail entry

    I have a form that is pulling data from a table. It has an item number and item description field (and other fields). I would like for the item descriptions field to auto populate on the "After Update" event of the item number so that as I type in a number and click enter or tab, it looks up and populates the item description for the item on the same line.

    I was trying to think how to do this running an update query on the "After Update" event but it did not like that. Any ideas? Joshua

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    Have it call a method...something like Fill_Frm(ID), have that method open the referenced table and populate the various text boxes with the table values that correspond with the ID entered?
    I've got a few forms that do that on the after_update from a combobox selection.

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