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    Question Unanswered: Sybase to SQL 2000 Migrations Tools?


    Are there any migrations tools for Sybase to SQL Server 2000 beside using the DTS from SQL ?

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    You can export all:
    - DDL using ddlgen or any DBA type tool (DBArtisan, SybaseCentral)
    - data using bcp out (character format)
    Then import it in on the other side using the MS equivalent. This method is very useful because it will allow you to be warned of the differences (eg. during the DDL import) and resolve them, one by one, using the MS equivalent option of your choice. Likewise the data: you have an opporunity to make changes in an interim database on the MS side, before deciding that it is ready for app access.

    This method is much faster than the OLE DB/ODBC that DTS uses.
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