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    Unanswered: Blank page on php scripts

    I recently rebuild my centos via hypervm and configured kloxo. But when I run php scripts like wordpress or smf, it just shows a blank page. Is there something wrong? What setting should I check? Thanks

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    Blank page could mean either PHP has fatal error and display_error is set to false or that Apache is not set correctly.

    To check if Apache is configured correctly, create a simple HTML page in your web root and try to see it from web browser. If you can't then Apache may point root directory to another directory that you don't expect.

    To check for PHP fatal error, do check the error log. Also check php.ini and set display_error to true. Once you know what's wrong with PHP, it's easier to debug from there.

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    Double check your configuration. Even if you would have got a database or any other error, it might have shown out. Make a log file and track logs where exactly the problem is.

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    run a simple script which, say contains PHPinfo() function. that returns a debug of the current config. if you see that page you know its your php installation
    if you don't then you know its to do with setup

    PHP Code:
    id want to check the server part is working... a simple html page should prove that.
    id want to prove other compnents, i'd want to check the server log fiel toi see if its initialising correctly
    if I was on a development box I'd even be tempted to install from XAMPP to make certain all the bits and pieces were correctly installed.

    in development id wat to make certain that I had error_reporting set to the correct level (E_All | E_strict) rings a bell but I can't be certain see da manuel
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