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    Unanswered: Loading XMl data into table


    I gt a problem with loading data from xml files into oracle 10g. I am not understanding the XMLTYPE concept in the SQL Loader.

    XML file is as follows:
    - <cdr-data>
    - <cdr>
    - <networkInfo>
    <field name="requestType" value="11" />
    <field name="payer" value="296" />
    <field name="connectionId" value="0" />
    <field name="eventReferenceNumber" value="0" />
    <field name="eventSource" value="J@nus" />
    <field name="exponent" value="-2" />
    <field name="eventDateTime" value="20090904012824" />
    <field name="sessionId" value="2009090400000028540" />
    <field name="replenishmentId" value="1062" />
    <field name="calculationDate" value="20090904" />
    <field name="tariffId" value="1032" />
    <field name="status" value="1" />
    <field name="payerReplSequence" value="4" />
    <field name="errorCode" value="0" />
    - <pricedInfo>
    <field name="bucketsUsed" value="0" />
    <field name="totalUsedUnits" value="0" />
    <field name="taxingOptionUsed" value="0" />
    <field name="totalSalePrice" value="0" />
    <field name="totalTax" value="0" />
    <field name="totalDiscountAmount" value="0" />
    <field name="totalCostPrice" value="0" />
    - <payerInfo>
    <field name="noOfWalletsUsed" value="0" />
    <field name="noOfPayerValidity" value="0" />
    <field name="baseWalletBalance" value="65500" />
    <field name="prevPayerStatus" value="1" />
    <field name="newPayerStatus" value="1" />

    I want to insert every field name into a column. Can any one help please???


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    If I am having a good day, I can successfully spell XML; let alone load data which may be in XML format.

    I do suspect that Oracle will not behave as expected or desired with columns names that are in mixedCase since it defaults to UPPERCASE names only.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vanpersie
    I gt a problem with loading data from xml files into oracle 10g. I am not understanding the XMLTYPE concept in the SQL Loader.
    To my knowledge Oracle's XMLType only stores the full XML document.
    What makes you think SQL*Loader can parse a XML file and map tags to table columns?

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    As already mentioned, sqlldr does not DO xml. But no problem. You'll just have to write a procedure to do it.

    SELECT EXTRACTVALUE(column_value, '//networkInfo/field[@name = "requestType"]/@value') requestType,
      EXTRACTVALUE(column_value, '//networkInfo/field[@name = "payer"]/@value') payer
    FROM XMLTABLE('/cdr-data/cdr' PASSING XMLTYPE('<cdr-data>
    <field name="requestType" value="11" />
    <field name="payer" value="296" />

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    You could use an XML parser, such as XMLStarlet Command Line XML Toolkit: Overview, to convert your XML into delimited data, then use SQL*Loader.
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    I'd either use Sqlldr to load all the data into a table with a single column of type XMLTYPE, or create an external table of that structure that pointed to the XML file on the disk.

    Then I'd use the Xml functions like ExtactValue to create a view on top of that table that displayed the data in the format I wanted.

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