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    Unanswered: continuous form question

    Brand new to the forum. I am a first year it student and am trying to build a database for a small church library. I have a table that links to tables with borrower details and book details. it has bookID, borrowerID, date issued, and returned(boolean). I have a continuous form that uses a query to list all the books that are currently 'out' (returned = false) what I want is a button on each record on the continuous form that will change the returned value to false when clicked and I can't figure out how to code it. can anyone help?
    thanks in advance
    it's access 07 btw
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    if you are following the look and feel guidelines for windows apps you may be better off using a checkbox control rather than a button

    using a button will require a bit of VBA behind ther button control, and I suspect you will have problems when trying to implememnt that in a continuous form design
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    thanks I've managed to get it going with a toggle button that changes the value to false then re queries the form.
    thanks again

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