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    Unanswered: Transfer space from dbspace log to dbspace ccm

    As my dbspace ccm space is coming down and theres no option for adding new disk i am thinking of taking some space from dbspace log and put it in
    dbspace ccm.Is this possible.if it is please guide me on how to do it in a step by syep manner..thanks!!

    --- dbspace log ---

    total free space: 973270 Kbytes
    chunk files:
    /CCM/informix/informix01/informix01_log.dbs 1000000 Kbytes total, 973270 Kbytes free

    --- dbspace ccm ---

    total free space: 3164 Kbytes
    chunk files:
    /CCM/informix/informix01/informix01_ccm.dbs 2000000 Kbytes total, 20 Kbytes free
    /CCM/informix/informix01/informix01_temp1.dbs 1000000 Kbytes total, 0 Kbytes free
    /CCM/informix/informix01/informix01_ccm1.dbs 512000 Kbytes total, 3144 Kbytes free

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    1) confirm if your logical logs are in informix01_log.dbs
    IBM - How to tell which dbspace logical logs are stored in
    2) temporary add 3 new logical logs in any other dbspace (you must do this): "onparams -a ...." (can be rootdbs)
    3) force the current log in some of this three ( onmode -l , check with onstat -l)
    4) force a checkpoint ( onmode -c )
    5) remove ALL old logs: onparams -d -l <log number>
    6) remove the dbspace : onspaces -d <log dbspace>
    7) remove the cooked file: rm /CCM/informix/informix01/informix01_log.dbs
    8) recreate the cooked file : touch /CCM/informix/informix01/informix01_log.dbs
    9) recreate the logical log dbspace: "onspaces -c -d ...."
    10) recreate all logical logs back in this dbspace "onparams -a ..."
    11) put this logical logs as current: "onmode -l ; onmode -c "
    12) remove the temporary logical log : "onparams -d -l ..."
    13) create new chunk for your dbspace without space...

    for information about each command, read the manual: IBM Informix Dynamic Server v11.50 Information Center
    César Inacio Martins
    Jundiai / SP - Brasil - em Português - English (translated by Google).

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