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    I have a problem when i am linking 2 tables. The data type is fine. Sometimes it shows me the results but sometimes it does not. The data type is text in both tables. In the table only problem i have out of 500 records is one record where for some reseaon it does not like the written text in the field.

    In the field there is a code saying "J&R2860" for some reseason it does not like it and does not show this record. I think its got to do with "&". Even when i do a search i cannot find the record. If i put a wildcard *then the text it will found it. Eg


    Do you know if there is any way round this as the record is not appearing in my search when i link 2 tables together

    Thanks in advance

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    1. Backup.
    2. Compact and repair the database.

    It sounds to me like data corruption. You may also like to try to delete that record with the issue and re-enter it.
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