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    Unanswered: PowerShell, Perl or Python

    Hi every one,

    I am running a fleet of DB2 server from version 7 to 9.7 in Windows Environment and to automate management and maintenance of them or even writing small applications for reports I need to use scripting languages. I would be grateful if you can share your own experiences to help me select one language among PowerSheel, Perl and Python as a standard scripting language for our environment. Please note that environment is Windows.

    Thanks for your help

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    Ah, starting to miss REXX are we? Personally I try to use SQL as much as possible to generate a O.S. independant command files.
    To answer your question: I'd go for a language that is supported by the same platforms as DB2 itself. That rules powershell out. I do not master perl or python, but python has a better reputation, so I'd go for python.
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