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Thread: Altering a TYPE

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    Unanswered: Altering a TYPE

    I need to change the deffimition of an enumerated type and have not found anything in the 8.3 documentation assuming the following I have created a type:
    CREATE TYPE color_chart AS ENUM('Blue', 'Red', 'Green');

    I now need to add Purple to the list. The only way so far I have found to do this is as follows:
    1.- Backup the table
    2.- Drop the table
    3.- Drop the TYPE
    4.- Re-create the type
    5.- Re-create the table
    6.- Restore the data

    Is this the only way to accomplish this? Is there a simple way to do the same thing?

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    It depends. If you are cool enough (can edit system catalogs) then there is an easier way.

    INSERT INTO pg_enum(enumtypeid, enumlabel)
    SELECT oid, 'Purple'
    FROM pg_type 
    WHERE typtype='e' AND typname='color_chart'

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    Quote Originally Posted by obwan
    Is this the only way to accomplish this?
    Yes as far as I know

    Search the mailing list archives for more information I think this has been discussed several times:

    Is there a simple way to do the same thing?
    Yes, use a properly normalized model and put the colors into their own table.
    Enums are evil

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