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    Unanswered: updating an exisiting database that has no tables

    I have been employed to update an exisiting database. The original database wasn't on access, but the data can be exported to excel.

    The new database on access, was created by someone who has since left the company, and the database he created has no tables only forms.

    How do you create a database that already has forms yet no tables with any key information? Isn't this working backwards and hard if you did not know the original design idea?

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    i suspect you will find another database with the data in in

    you need to examine the forms or reports to find where they are getting their data from.

    of course if the previous employee left under a cloud they may have deleted the tabels to be bloody minded in which case you will have to go back to a previous backup.
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    Isn't this working backwards and hard if you did not know the original design idea?
    Very much so.

    The tables must exist somewhere! Find them to figure out what the structure of the database is. You can then re-create it with Access and the data you can export into Excel.... probably.
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