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    Unanswered: Having trouble with Access 2007

    I have been using access 2003 and earlier versions and am currently asked to modify a access 2007 database.

    I've spent a couple of hours now figuring out some stuff but still have quite a few unanswered questions.

    Hope someone can help. Here are some issues.

    1. there are 2 .mdb files, 1 containing the user interface stuff and the other having all the tables. I can open both, but cannot find where to look so that I can change where the user interface db looks for the tables. The location looks hardcoded

    2. I can see the tables in the database, but I cant seem to find how to go to design view of anything, be it tables, forms, reports. I tried right clicking the table, form, report names when they are listed but no menu comes up. Is right click disabled? How can I enable it.

    3. In the user interface db, the startup goes with its own custom menu, I can't seem to get into edit view of things. There is no ribbon (windows icon) with the options to change things. How do you enable edit.

    I guess my biggest problem is that they changed the interface and I'm used to having the classic access menu, which is contributing to my slow learning curve.

    Also, I wanted to ask, considering all is just about done in the current user interface db. And the main problem is having size issues with the table db (also in access) where it gets the data. Is it advisable to keep the user interface db, and just convert the table db to an sql server db?

    Or would it be better to convert everything (and would you need to do this from scratch), especially for the user interface db?

    Thanks for the help.

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    0. Take a backup first.
    1. Are there linked tables in the front end?
    2. Everything is enabled by default. The database itself must be preventing edits and/or right clicking. Try opening the front end with SHIFT held down?
    3. See 2.

    Is it advisable to keep the user interface db, and just convert the table db to an sql server db?
    That cannot possibly be answered without some details about numbers of concurrent users, numbers of expected records, current back end size, budget/resources etc,... that sort of thing.
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    And just to emphasize the point, going from Access 2003 to Access 2007 is unlike moving from one version of an app to the next version of any other app in the world! 2007 isn't an entirely different program, but it comes real close to it in how things are done. One of the venerable gentlemen, Allen Browne, maybe, who've been in the Access game since day one, after working with it for a year, estimated that the learning curve for v2007 was approximately 4 X as large for an experienced Access developer as it was for a novice, because so much had to be unlearned!
    Hope this helps!

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