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    Exclamation Unanswered: need help with ms-access

    hello everyone. first of all i would just like to inform you that i am a beginner in ms-access and need some help regarding my ICT project in school. it goes like this:

    there is a website that sells hampers-2 types of them, a bespoke hamper, that has different items from all over europe, and a standard hamper, which as 12 specific items from one country.
    i have to design a stock control system with at least a stock table, order table, and customer table. the system must indicate when stock levels are too low.
    the system also has a feature that enables customers to be reminded if a special occasion is today and if they have to send a hamper, fields and tables have to be created for this feature. after the customer sends the order he can go back to the website, input some details, a security feature, and after that he can view a copy of the order-i also have to do this and make sure that the right customer is assigned to the right order. please help- i need to know how to start-am stuck. i need to know all the necessary tables and fields, and the validations and relationships. please hepl-have tried everything-i tried a course in IAT, reading books, the net, but nothing could help me-pls. it will be a great help.

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    What do you have so far?
    Have a nice day!

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    Exclamation reply

    have already finished the website, just need to link databse to the website once complete. now-in the databse i have created a table for customers-containing ID, Details, Name, Surname, Telephone no., mobile number, email address, number, and picture.
    have another table of orders with order ID, items ordered, customer details, customer id, customer name, total price, and area delivered to. am stuck with the stock tables and ther tables required, and validations, and some of the relationships helping in controlling the stock automatically. please i need help-urgent. thanks.

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    That's a pretty large order and without knowing more details, I doubt you'll get an answer. You may want to study up on relationships though as it sounds like you need them. In regards to the tables required/design, I can't help you unless more details (which I frankly don't have time to absorb) would need to be hashed out and discussed.

    You may want to look at the Northwind database that usually ships with MSOffice/MSAccess. It has some good relationship examples dealing with product/stock tables. Once you get something started and have "tried" to set up your relationships correctly, then upload your mdb or diagrams of your relationships and we can go from there.
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