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    Smile Unanswered: Convert Access Format function to T-SQL


    I need the full analog of this VB6 and Access function for formating dates (and numbers) written as T-SQL function.
    Does anybody have this?

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    Please read this from start to finish.
    How to format a Date or DateTime in SQL Server
    SQL Server does not perform the same functions as Access, nor should it. If, after reading the link, you think this is the exception then please let us know why and specifically what format you want.

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    I have a program platform (written in vb6) on which there are many apps built already and working. DBMS was MSAccess2000. Format function was widely used in the level of SQL queries (from vb program). End users may define formats of fields of date and time type, according to which, Format function is used in the app.
    Moreover, I think, sometimes is very comfortable to do transformation of data in the db level (not in the front-end). Not to reconstruct many lines of code, I need this func written in T-SQL (for date and time values). Does anyone have?
    I've found only this SQL Server - Date Format Function in English and French - VBForums

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