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    Question Unanswered: Query By Form: ComboBox Problem

    Access 2003

    I’m working on a fire department Run database for the local volunteer fire department. They will log their daily run sheets into the database then query it via a form.

    With a few online tutorials I’ve managed to get a simple query by form to work for exact matches, but that’s not all I need. The form launches a macro that I believe launches the query. Odd to need a 3rd Party system (the macro) but it seems to work.

    Database has a field called ‘Shifts’ currently populated with either “A-Shift” or “B-Shift” or “C-Shift” or Null (records with Null will be populated to show proper shift at a later date).

    Form has a combo-box called Shifts with “All”;”A-Shift”;”B-Shift”;”C-Shift” as the values. Naturally with either of the shifts selected it returns a report correctly but how do I get it to show all records when “All” is selected?

    The criteria in the query currently is: [Forms]![FormName]![Shift]

    I tried using an Immediate If statement (IIF) but it returned that it was too complicated and halted.

    I thought about trying to do a if then statement in the form before the values were sent like so:

    [Shift] = “All”
    [Shift] = “A-Shift” OR “B-Shift” OR “C-Shift” OR NULL

    But don’t know enough about expressions or VBA to do it.

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    You do not need to specify any criteria at all in case you want to select all records.
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    The criteria in the query currently is: [Forms]![FormName]![Shift]
    Change that to something like this:

    Shift Like IIf(Forms!dlgReporting!cboShift <> "All",Forms!dlgReporting!cboShift,"*")

    BTW, there is a naming conflict here. The combo box that holds the All etc for the user to select can't be the same name as the field you are using criteria on (Shift).

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