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    Unanswered: Updating varchar column

    I have a front end application which has 4 checkboxes . Each checkbox corresponds to a column in the database . A selection of a particular checkbox would be a 1 in the database . If unselected it is a 0 in the database . There is an additional column which captures all the columns which have a 1 in their column for their corresponding rows . So 1 row can have more than 1 selection of checkboxes . How do I accomplish this using a stored procedure . Using a stored procedure I have been able to capture only 1 value in the G column and not multiple values . G is a varchar column .

    Ex: 1 row . A B C D G
    ABC 1 0 0 0 A
    DEF 0 0 0 1 D,E,F
    GHF 1 1 0 0 A,B,F
    Responses are appreciated .

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    metro17, Can you give a different explanation and/or a better example? I almost think I see what you want but the example is nothing like what I think you are asking for.

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    Yeah - your example looks wrong. Also, instead of A B C D etc could you give the real column names please?
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    ur codings are working excelent.

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