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    Red face Unanswered: CSV over 200,00 rows but Excel 2007 not importing

    I have a csv with 290,000 rows that I actually saved from a SQL 2005 query.
    The rows are all in the csv file.
    When I open my excel 2007 sheet and try to import I am getting the 65536 limitation form excel 2003.

    any suggestions?

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    That's Excel for you!

    As far as I know, that is the limitation or Excel, but I would be very interested to hear of any brilliant ideas that other people have.

    Could you get your original process that creates the 200,000 row csv file to create multiple csv files of 65,000 rows each?

    Or what about importing the results into SQL and then manipulating them there? It depends what you are really wanting here.


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    Excel 2003 max lines circa 65,000

    Excel 2007 max lines circa 1,000,000

    If you're opening a file which was created in 2003 or earlier, then you will still be limited to 65536 rows. To increase this you need to convert it to 2007, you’ll then get over the 65,000 barrier

    Make sure the file type drop down
    doesn't say ".xls", but says ".xlsx" or ".xlsm" etc.

    Hope this helps
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