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    I am working on a database with these tables. LotNumber & priductType are already entered, BatchID and testID are auto numbers.

    I have designed this form. When someone types in the lot number and the date and tabs to the next field, the product type gets automatically filled in and the appropriate sub form is displayed.

    It 'works' but if someone enters the same lot number/date combination you get duplicate entries.

    How would I go about fixing this?

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    do you want this moving to the Access forum?
    its not really a question about concepts and design
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    Quote Originally Posted by healdem
    do you want this moving to the Access forum?
    its not really a question about concepts and design
    I know my way around Access, to a certain extent, I figured my design was a bit off. If the admin's don't mind I will re-post there. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.

    EDIT: Reposted Here.
    EDIT: Think I have it figured out:
    Quote Originally Posted by djorn
    Third time is a charm I hope:
    Here is the new table setup. The first time I did this, tblDailyBatch was an associative table until I realized that it was set up as a many-to-many relationship when I wanted nested one-to-many relationship. I just now realize why I had used the many-to-many relationship in the first place... I needed a concatenated key. If you see any glaring problems with this solution please let me know.
    It was a design question, I guess I should have made things more clear. I should have mentioned something along the lines of: "Each lot is run over many days and each day the are many tests for each lot." This was my first time dealing with nested one-to-many relationships. Thanks for your
    patience with me and letting air my thoughts.

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