1) DB2 uses a process called group restart in the rare event that critical resources in a coupling facility are lost and cannot be rebuilt. When this happens, all members of the group terminate abnormally. Group restart rebuilds the lost information from individual member logs.
However, unlike data recovery, this information can be
applied in any order?????????????????????????????(Please Explain).
Because there is no need to merge log records, DB2 can
perform many of the restart phases for individual members in parallel.

2) The creation of a trigger does not checkexisting rows and does not cause check pending to be turned on?

3) Referential Integrity isenforced when created and can be checked through existing utilities and triggers cannot?

4) What is online LOAD RESUME?As well Offline Load?

5) Can I get EBook of DB2 9 for z/OS: Database Administration Certification Study Guide by Susan Lawson; Daniel Luksetich?