Hi, I am working on a College Project and need help in how to design database for a Time Table Management system

Basically i devised the solution in terms of 3d array storage but dont know how to devise it/convert this 3d array in form of a database

Basically, the system just prints time table of a class in terms of a 2d array
with 1st dimension as PERIOD and second as DAY

As there are n number of classes, so 3rd dimension is CLASS. so basically the storage can be understood as

array[CLASS][DAY][PERIOD]=<period name>
eg:- array[CLASS][DAY][PERIOD]=Maths

In total there are 3 arrays regarding this

array1= <periods> , as in given example
array2= <teacher>
array3= <room no.>

Hence this is the solution I have come upto
I have no experience in database designing, I have only worked on SQL commands and not databse designing

Now please someone help me or suggest me to convert this array structure solution into database
or any other solution of the system

My OS is Windows Xp
Database to use: Preferentially Oracle 10g ,but MySql also supported

Its a Desktop application