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    Unanswered: db2top: LogUsed shows 100%

    using db2 v9.5 fp2 on Linux. I run db2top command to see what happens on database.

    I have entered d to get database information. Output shows that there LogUsed is 100% - if I understand correctly database logs are 100% full (please see attached file).

    I checked db cfg info for this database associating logs are (db2 get db cfg for my_database):
     Log buffer size (4KB)              (LOGBUFSZ) = 124
     Log file size (4KB)                  (LOGFILSIZ) = 1024
     Number of primary log files      (LOGPRIMARY) = 10
     Number of secondary log files  (LOGSECOND) = -1
     First log archive method         (LOGARCHMETH1) = DISK:/db2/on_line_logs/
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    ... then I have executed B command to get Bottlenecks (please see attached picture). I see there is "Log Used" 84%, 9.34K consumed by M040.53961 application.

    What does this 84% mean? And what does 9.34K means? Both info should be related to application M040.53961, right?

    I know there is: LOGFILSIZ * LOGPRIMARY = 1024 * 10 = 10240 KB ~ 10 MB.

    Now what does 84% means?
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