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    Unanswered: onstat -u (login about 3 month ago)

    Hello Board-Members,

    i'm looking for an opportunity to figure out user logins backwards, not only the currently logged in users on an ibm informix database.

    "onstat -u" displays all the information i need (user and tty) but i need to find out, from where (different computer - tty) i logged in in the past. i know the log-in time exactly.

    maybe onstat ist the wrong way, but it was my first idea.

    thanks for your hints,

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    To do this you need to active the auditing tool , onaudit to capture all logins.
    But this tools don't provide much useful information, so, based on audit information (date/time + user) maybe you can get the information on the OS , with last command .
    Remember the last command log only who do a login on the machine, not connection from TCP/IP port in the database....
    César Inacio Martins
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