What is the straight dope on Windows 7? Has anyone give it a shot yet and can say great things about it?

I have had Windows XP and I have had Windows Vista. Windows Vista did not live up to the hype. I built a top-of-the-line system and I managed to get the "Blue Screen of Death" many many times.

Here is the straight dope on Vista. If you want to try several different anti-virus programs at the same time with Vista... KABOOM!!! (you get the Blue Screen of Death). If you want to look at a list of font files to decide which ones you want or do not and you open too many in the font viewer to see them... KABOOM!!! (you get the Blue Screen of Death).

Then there are the ever growing mysterious Blue Screen of Deaths where the error code you get are too hard to decypher.

The deal is this. There might be more to come if you continue with Vista.

So this is the real issue with me. Did Microsoft fix these problems with Windows 7 or not?