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    Unanswered: Handling of Bulk data - Oracle 9i rel 2

    Hi All,

    Currently i am working with a huge voulme of date ( arround 3 million) .

    I have a following requierments:
    1. Need to fetch around 80000 data. For that i have used Bulk Collect feature with Limit 1000 option.

    I would like to know is the above approch is good or any other can be applied to get the better perfrmance.

    2. Need to delete around 1 million data. I am not sure weather a single Delete script would be a better option or not? I can test it, becasue i don't have this is much of data in development env. Could any one please help me out for this?

    With Regards,

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    Cool Why not?

    1) Why not 10,000 or 50,000?

    2) Why not use CTAS.
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    1) 3,000,000 rows isn't huge. I sometimes create test tables with more rows that that.

    2) What are you trying to do with this data that you fetch. Bulk Collect is better than a single row by row process, but if you're trying to put the data into another table, then a CREATE TABLE AS.. or an INSERT INTO... statement would be much better.

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    sounds like something you are doing (a delete) is taking longer than you would like. That sound right?

    1. be clear on what you are trying to accomplish so we can understand you
    2. explain plan for the delete statement
    3. 3 million is small. my guess is that the table is not analyzed and/or you don't have an index on the driving column(s) for the delete
    4. fetching 80k rows is not a big deal, what do you want to do with the 80k?
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