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    I have designed an Access 2007 database for use within our office. It is a split database with the tables in the back end and each user running their own copy of the front end.

    I have a report in there which pulls a few fields into a letter. Everything works fine for me and most of the other users, but for a couple of people they see #name? where one of the fields should be. This is puzzling me, as I thought it there was an error it would be the same for everyone. It's also quite hard to fix, when it's working fine on your machine.

    The field in question is a text box with some simple code to format the address and leave out any blanks.

    =IIf(IsNull([O_ADDRESS1]),"",[O_ADDRESS1] & Chr(13) & Chr(10)) & IIf(IsNull([O_ADDRESS2]),"",[O_ADDRESS2] & Chr(13) & Chr(10)) & IIf(IsNull([O_ADDRESS3]),"",[O_ADDRESS3] & Chr(13) & Chr(10)) & IIf(IsNull([O_ADDRESS4]),"",[O_ADDRESS4] & Chr(13) & Chr(10)) & IIf(IsNull([O_ADDRESSCity]),"",[O_ADDRESSCity] & Chr(13) & Chr(10)) & IIf(IsNull([O_ADDRESSPOSTCODE]),"",[O_ADDRESSPOSTCODE] & Chr(13) & Chr(10)) & IIf(IsNull([O_ADDRESSCOUNTRY]),"",[O_ADDRESSCOUNTRY])

    Any thoughts as to why I might be getting #name? for some users and not others would be most helpful.

    Thanks in advance.


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    #name occurs when the query parser doesn't recognise a column or function.
    so check and recheck the spelling if any columns or functions

    or alternatively break apart your expression and then try sectionby section to findwhere your typo is
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    Are all users running the same version and service packs as you are on the development machine?

    You also need to check the errant machines to see if references are missing.
    Hope this helps!

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    Check to make sure there aren't any missin references on any machines or references that should be in the listing but are not. This often plays a part on expressions if the incorrect reference is used.

    Check the MDAC version on both machines.
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