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    Unanswered: Report Showing AutoNumber Not Useable Value

    I have a mailing label report that is showing the autonumber value of 1 instead of "Mr." Unlike other situations where I simply convert to a combo box and assign the proper Row Source. The problem is that the way Access assembles the label report -- =Trim([Prefix] & " " & [FirstName] & " " & [MiddleName] & " " & [LastName]) -- I don't know how to make [Prefix] pull from the Text part of tblPrefix (1 = Mr., 2 = Ms., 3 = Dr., etc.) since any change to "Row Source" breaks the table.

    What is the procedure for displaying the related value that I need (Mr., Ms., etc) as opposed to the stored numerical auto number?

    Any help you can offer would be appreciated.


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    so you have probably used the 'lookup wizard' in the table design
    if so then you are going to have to rethink your design

    you may be able to fake it by using a listbox sized to be a normal text box
    however the 'best' solution in my books is not to use the lookup wizard
    if you 'must' limit the prefix then I'd suggest you define a table to contain the prefixes, or replace the exisiting column with a prefx column which is a text/string representation of the prefix

    to do that you will need to add a new column to the table
    run a series of update queries which set the value of that new column based on the numeric representation

    then delete the old column, rename the new column to the prefix

    and (theoretically) you should be there
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