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    Unanswered: HELP - Any AWR/ADDM/ASH alternative out there ... ???

    Hi all,

    Since we've found out recently that merely doing a SELECT of AWR views is a violation of Oracle licensing if you do not have bought any Oracle license on the diagnostic and tuning packs. We're stuffed with how do we troubleshoot performance issues more quickly and efficiently. We are not even sure if we can run AWR report if required by Oracle Support, probably not allowed to either.

    Anyway, is there any "FREE" alternative solution that is more or less similar to what AWR/ADDM/ASH does? I found this set of 300+ non-free scripts from the Rampant website but not sure whether that is what I needed.

    Any feedback will be most appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Cool Statspack.

    Maybe you could use the "old" statspack reports (pre-cursor to awr).
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