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    Unanswered: Views not showing in PCC

    I have created a couple of views in my database and they do not show up under the Views in the tree. PCC Pervasive is version

    I can execute them and they show up in Crystal Reports when using the ODBC connection. Also, I see that view.ddf and file.ddf have their modified date updated to the time I did the last CREATE VIEW. I have tried to refresh the database within PCC and gone out and back in, but the views still do not show. What am I missing?
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    Question Anyone have thoughts as to why this is happening?

    Still an issue.

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    Usually this is caused by a missing or incorrect view.ddf. What you can try is to restart the PSQL engine. rename VIEW.DDF to VIEW.OLD. Make sure no one else is opening the files. Then, in the PCC (or ODBC Test) create a new view. It should recreate the VIEW.DDF and any entries in the FILE.DDF. It will not recreate the entries for your old views. If the new view shows up, stop the engine, rename the new VIEW.DDF to VIEW.NEW and rename VIEW.OLD to VIEW.DDF. You should see your old DDFs..
    Please note these steps should be done in your database.
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