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    Unanswered: db2 replication question

    We are using DB2 UDB 9.5 on windows server.

    Looking at the option of creating a DB2 database Replica on another instance of db2 using replication center.
    The question is -
    Is it possible to link two databases thru db2 replication, but have only selective rows from the source table to go into the target tables (using some select SQL queries)? If yes, how can it be done?


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    I found that the filtering of rows can be done using Q replication. But is it also possible to do it in SQL Replication (without using webshere)?

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    SQL replication uses queries to select the replicated data. You can modify the query to be anything you want - you do not have to do one to one table and row replication.

    As to how, look in the Redbook section on the IBM site. They will have step by step how to guides.

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    And you can also replicate between views using SQL replication. So you only define the view to realize the filtering and then use the view as replication source.
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