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    Unanswered: Constantly having problems with Paradox 11

    We have been using Paradox 7 for the past few years and it was working pretty well until we have problems with table corruptions, we then upgraded our computers and upgraded to Paradox 11 and there were still tons of problems. our OS is windows XP professional with SP 3, 3-4 computers were sharing the database of about 4000 records, 51 fields, block size is 4, record size 1028, file format Paradox 7, with compound primary key and various secondary indexes.

    Here are the problems constantly appearing:

    1. Secondary index is out of date
    2. header size(2048) + data size() does not equal filesize()
    3. B Tree record number mismatch from block ()record () to block ()
    4. Index version does not match table version
    5. Forward block pointer in block 4 is out of range
    6. Block pointers in block () do not match pointers in block ()
    7. Empty Block (129) in used block chain

    I have been doing table repair constantly few times a day.

    Any insight or suggestions would be welcome.

    Thanks in advanced.

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    doesn't matter what version of paradox you have, it's still the same level 7 table.. the errors you list are typical "block pointer" errors, because the tables and index files aren't being written to disk in synch, not real file corruption.. most likely, you aren't doing the regular external things you need to do..

    turn off oplocks in Windows, all machines
    turn off disk caching on your drives, all machines
    set Local Share to true, all copies of BDE

    now repair, restruct, and see what happens..
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    Thank you Steven,

    I have made those changes and it worked smoothly now.

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    Yeah, thank you Steven, really helpfull, even in July 2010

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