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    Unanswered: How to Populate Employees by City

    Dear All,
    I have been working on a particular function on one of my forms but my brain just gets stuck. Basically, I have a form that has the employees names, telephone numbers, their speciality i.e. technician, mechanic or doctor and their gender eg male and female. All of this works fine and have relationship amongst themselves, for example if I select Doctor and then Male, i will automatically be presented with a list of doctors who are male doctors and their telephone number will also appear in another field. Please see the example image.

    I now want to know how to create a comobox to include names of cities from employees table (City field is already in the same query on which the form is bound to) and when selecting a city, it should only give me list of those employees that live in that city ensuring that the above mentioned filters are not changed i.e. doctors and male.

    Any help would be highly appreciated.

    P.S. I have attached a very simple screenshot of the form to illustration purposes and i have erased unnecessary fields.
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    I would be most grateful for any advice? I would really appreciate any assistance on this.
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    I tried!! Can't give any. There's no detail on your table structure, the form's SQL or the way the form is set up.

    One image, with most of the content "censored" is insufficient to even formulate a guess.

    Or if you like, your advice is simply to <censored> the <censored> and then place a <censored> <censored> in the <censored>. Then it will just work. ^^ hehe!

    The only thing I can get from this is that you basically want a SEARCH form, where you put in field criteria and the form gives you matching people. That's about it though.
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