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    Unanswered: insert a record from a form to a subform

    Dear All

    i have 3 forms main form and its subform and another form

    when i choose a record from the form i want that record be inserted to the subform directly so i can chose many records from the form and every time the record that i chose be inserted to the sub form

    any idea to help me

    best regards

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    I haven't a clue what you're asking. Can you be more specific so we can give you a good answer?
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    Dear pkstormy

    Thanks for your reply

    let me explain

    i want to insert many records from a seperated form (items) and these records are automaticaly will be inserted in a sub form (sub_menu)
    thats all

    best regards
    and hope to get ur hepl

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    Sounds like you need an APPEND query and then a little ReQuery action.
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