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    Unanswered: Help me with this error SP2-0768

    When i am trying to create a new spool file by navigating through
    file->spool->spool file
    in oracle 10g sql plus,there appears a dialog box with the error

    sp2-0768:illegal command

    I dint write any command

    What may be the problem.suggest me a solution

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oracle
    SP2-0768 Illegal SPOOL command

    Cause: An invalid option was used in the SPOOL command.

    Action: Check the syntax of the SPOOL command for the correct options.
    Where did you try to spool the output? Does directory name contain invalid characters (such as "blanks")? What happens if you spool manually (by using the SPOOL and SPOOL OFF SQL*Plus commands)?

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    at least cut/paste your code and error
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