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    Unanswered: Loading and unloading forms

    im working with a new program and im using visual basic 6 as the language and ms access as database... iam new in vb6.. so can anyone give me an idea to solve my first problem in developing a library management system... at first it start at login in of the user if it a member or the adminastrator of the library... so i have the main form when it load, thier are certain control that is invinsible and disable... then when a user login a member specially the control that is invinsible will be visible and the disabled control will be enable ... is there someone getting the idea... Pls i really need help out here

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    Thats not a lot to go on but a generic piece of code could look like this
    If USER=SomeAdminUser then
    admincontrol1.visible = True
    admincontrol2.visible = True
    adminbutton1.enabled = true
    admincontrol1.visible = False
    admincontrol2.visible = False
    adminbutton1.enabled = False
    End If

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