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    Unanswered: Help!!!Access 2003 to Access 2000 then back to 2003


    I am not sure of what is happening, but I originally developed a database in 2003(in 2000 format). then I was moved to another location with my job and my new computer was older and had 2000. The database was working fine until I had my computer reimaged to XP and Acess 2003. I have no problem opening and using it on my machine, but when I disburse it to my end-users(which some still have 2000 machines) a strange thing happens. They can open the database fine and my startup form shows but none of the control event code fires or any code for that matter. However, when they close the database and then re-open it, it works fine. Is this a compile issue in 2000, that it won't compile until the db is closed and reopened. I am lost any help would be appreciated.

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    There's a few reasons code stops firing. The 2 things I do most often are...

    1. Compact/Repair the mdb.
    2. Debug/Compile the code.

    I usually create an *.mde file for the users. Another thing you may want to look at for code not firing is to see...

    1. Does it happens for all users
    2. Does it happen only on 1 computer (regardless of who's logged in)
    3. Does it only happen for 1 particular user regardless of the computer (which is often permissions based)
    4. Make sure the computer/user has a default printer (as sometimes an incorrect print driver or no default printer can stop code from firing.)
    5. Make sure there are no missing references.

    You can also run through some of the items here:

    Hope this helps in some way. I think though you have to narrow down when it happens and if the problem is user/computer/network based. Unless you're dealing with specialized coding (ie. class modules or non-standard activex controls), versioning is usually not the issue.

    Another thing I'll do is create a new mdb file and then import a few forms/objects, test, import other forms/objects, test, etc...etc.. until I can narrow down that it's a specific part of code or module I'm using which causes the problem.
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