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    Unanswered: RMANrestore - how to ( please )?


    I have inherited an Oracle 9i system ( 9.2.x ) that needs to have a RMAN based backup from it restored onto a different oracle server of the same version.

    I have trawled many web sites on how to do this, but I havent been able to actually understand what I'm supposed to be doing step by step.

    Due to my lack of experince in Oracle ( I can do DBA work in SQL 2005 OK ) I need help in working through the following steps please:

    (1) I have an RMAN backup - if I supply whats backed up ( file names, file types etc )?

    (2) Once I know what I'm dealing with, can someone then outline the next step/s to transfer and restore the backup on the new server please?

    I'd like to understand what I'm doing as I go through this so I dont just go through the motions without learning as I go.

    SQL admins have it easy .....

    Thanks in advance,


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    Based upon what specific observations, have you concluded that what you have was actually produced by RMAN?

    One of the 3 manuals below should answer your questions

    Recovery Manager Quick Reference Contents
    Recovery Manager Reference Contents
    Recovery Manager User's Guide

    They can be found at URL below
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    Hi anacedent,

    Thanks so much for your assistance on this.
    I also forgot to mention we run Oracle on a windows 2003 server.
    Well we have asubdirectory called Rman, so i figured thats whats doing the work.

    The output from the backup is :

    - In the exp directory :

    one .dmp file

    - In the Rman directory, 4 files per nightly backup, which have the format of :

    <dbname>_<date>_S<4 digit numer that increments each backup>_P1
    <dbname>_<date>_S<4 digit numer that increments each backup>_P2
    <dbname>_<date>_S<4 digit numer that increments each backup>_P1
    <dbname>_<date>_S<4 digit numer that increments each backup>_P1

    On another drive I have found :

    - seven .DBF files
    - one .CTL file

    One another drive I found :

    - one .ARC file
    - one .CTL file
    - REDO01.LOG,REDO02.LOG,REDO03.LOG files

    I will do some reading, however what are your thoughts as to what this means for how I would do a restore of this database please? Not being lazy here, as I understand it oracle databases can get complex in configuration etc which is why i decided to ask people who do this all the time for a bit of guidance.

    Thanks in advance,


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