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    one of the tablespace defined with 18720 pqty and 18720 secqty is running out of extents and I am trying to incrse tge priqty and secty to bring the extent down, is there any space calculation to achive this. From the dataset of thetablespace I can find how much tracks used, I wsih to know how to proceed to arrive at the proposed priqty and secqty, If there is a formula calculation do let me know.

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    sahana, assuming you have standard 3390 devices, you can fit 12 4k pages on a track. Since Primary and Secondary quantities are give in 1k pages, this woulds out to 48 (4 * 12) per track.

    Your 18720 Primary (and Secondary since they are the same value) quantity works out to 390 tracks (18720 / 48). At 251 extents, that works out to about 97,890 tracks (390 * 251).

    At this point I will say that when any of my datasets are around 2,000-4,000 tracks, I partition the table space as very large single files are more difficult to deal with. Your 97,000 tracks surpasses this number by a VERY large amount.

    But to answer your question, you would multiple the number of tracks by 48 to get a Primary quantity of 4698720. I would NOT make the Secondary quantity the same size.

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