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    Unanswered: Issues with "undefined function" error during update from Access 2003 to 2007

    Hi All,

    My company recently upgraded me to Office 2007, and I had a query that pulled a date range of the prior three months to use for calculating demand - now now it's not working. Here was the criteria:

    Between Val(CStr(Year(DateAdd("m",-3,Date())))+Right("0"+CStr(Month(DateAdd("m",-3,Date()))),2)+"01") And Val(CStr(Year(DateAdd("m",-1,Date())))+Right("0"+CStr(Month(DateAdd("m",-1,Date()))),2)+"31")

    I'm getting Undefined function 'Date' in function errors and I changed those to now and got an error for 'Right' as well. Have these functions been eliminated in 2007?

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!!


    I should probably add that the reason all the above is necessary is because the ODBC tables I link to display dates in yyyymmdd format.
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    According to MS ( the Date function still works in Acc2007 the same way it works in the previous versions of Access.

    May be you have one or several references missing in your converted database (in VBA editor select Tools, References and see if nothing is missing).
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    When apps run fine on one machine and not on another or run fine in one version and not when run under a newer version, the first thing you have to think about are missing references. And when something such as Date() starts failing you can be assured that this is the problem.

    Here are Doug Steele's detailed instructions on how to troubleshoot the problem:

    Access Reference Problems
    Hope this helps!

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