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    Unanswered: AllowBypassKey

    Hi all I found this website by Microsoft it helps keep your design safe from nosey users. but I'm not sure how to implement it. Anyone familar with this

    AllowBypassKey Property

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    I use a database developed by Dave Mason that allows you to set various properties of a database including AllowBypassKey see the following link

    Roger's Access Library: SetDatabaseProperties.mdb

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    I'm personally not a fan of using the AllowByPassKey method and don't recommend it at all. The "development" environment should be as easy as possible and if you need to "lock" out other developers (which is what this method is typically for), then there's usually a deeper personnel issue which is not coding related (plus I'd rather implement MSAccess security versus this method.)

    In a typical development/deployment environment, I'll keep my mdb files safe in a "development" folder and compile them into mde files to put in the "deployment" folder for the users. Even if the users where opening an mdb file versus an mde file (which they can't edit/see code in an mde), I don't see the need to disable the shift key as most typical users don't know to hold down the shift key to bypass any startup code in an mdb file. And if a user does know the shift key trick and is intent on getting into the mdb behind the scenes, then there's again, a chat which needs to take place on why a user is getting behind the scenes in an mdb file. (I'd sooner or later discover users editing code in an mdb anyway and I have my bag of tricks on finding out who is doing it.)

    Typically I'm bouncing in and out of about a 1/2 dozen mdb files making coding changes in a day and I want to be able to do that quickly. I want my other developers to be able to do that quickly as well (I'm also not a fan of the "fill-out" papers A, B and C, and then get approval by X, Y and Z, to make a simple field change to an mdb file 3 weeks later - but I do believe there should be a process - just a simple one that doesn't take 3 weeks to do.)

    Still, if your intent on putting in code to disallow the shift key trick, there's an example of this in the code bank ( As the post states, make sure to create backups of your mdb BEFORE using this method (and several backups even after implementing it!)

    I strongly believe that developers needing to make code changes should be able to again, do it quick and easily without having to open the mdb, enter a password, and then exit and re-open the mdb all to make 1 simple code change to that mdb file (and repeat again if you happen to need to make another coding change after you've closed the mdb file.)

    What I do instead of the bypass shift key method is to simply have an "Admin Close" button on my main form which closes my main menu form (and "background" form) and allows me to quickly get behind the scenes. I'll then use the getuser method in the OnOpen event of the main menu form to get the loginID and if it's my loginID (or another developer), I make the "Admin Close" button visible, otherwise invisible (see this post if your interested in more details on how this is done:

    I have also seen this bypass shift key method abused by a few freelance developers and companies who "think" they're getting the source mdb file by a freelance developer, find out months or years later that they can't make any changes because the developer used this method (note also that it's not an easy method to "crack" and is similar to as if a freelance developer were to only supply the mde file to a company - as a freelance developer on the side, I believe a company who pays for me to develop a product for them should get the source code as well. Otherwise I view it as like selling a car but locking the engine hood so no one can ever do a tune-up or maintenance on the engine - just not good business practice or ethics.) (Note: I am NOT referring to all the honest developers who faithfully give the user the password or supply a good source mdb file. Passwords are often lost over the years though.)
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    I flirted with the ABK thing for a while, but yeah, in all practicalities, MDE / ACCDE files pretty much make it redundant.
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