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    Question Unanswered: Which SQL Server set up is faster? VM clustering (2VM or more) or 1 Physical machine?

    We are building a DW and all new applications shall be running on Hyper-V R2. However, something came into my mind: Given the fact the servers nowadays are so powerful, would physical set up maximize its potential or multiple virtual servers on the same physical box would yield even better performance with better stability?

    Let's say we have a DP Nehalem X5550 2.66Ghz with 24GB DDR3-ECC RAM.

    X5550 is a quad core processor, with HT enabled, it will have 8 logical cores. So for physical native single SQL Server set up, 16 core & 24GB is the maximum it can have.

    If I were to use another identical machine to run on Hyper-V Server R2, as the maximum core per Hyper-V VM is 4 logical cores, with 4GB RAM assigned to each VM, I can have 4 VMs with 4 cores + 4GB RAM each (or 2 VMs with 8GB RAM each or any other combinations), and cluster the SQL Server up logically.

    Assuming the storage is pure flash based disk array (eg 8pcs of Intel X25-M SSD running on RAID 6 with IOP348 controller) with iSCSI SAN having a guaranteed bandwidth of 1GBps (aka 1024MB/s) READ & 400MBps WRITE, which would be faster in terms of DW performance?

    Software cost is the same.....dual processor license for both SQL 2008 Enterprise & Single Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise.
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    If SQL processing speed is your only concern, one physical machine with all but 2 Gb of the memory dedicated to SQL Server is the best answer.

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    how do we know if the processing would make use of multicore or just sticking to a single core? Coz most queries are single threaded....

    but for DW, are cubes multi-threaded?

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