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    Unanswered: merge replication is creating problem...

    I am currently working on creating push/pull replication

    win server 2003
    win xp
    sql server management express
    win 7 as an option


    publication n subscription is created on the same machine push replication is successfully done

    the real problem arises while trying for pull and push replication on other machine in the network

    publication and subscription are created
    but when syncronization is done through 'mobsync.exe' in win xp
    or through 'sync center' in win 7 it fails
    the error it shows is as follows

    in winxp
    error:- subscription cannot be propogated

    while in win 7

    error:- ms sql server cannot save security changes

    (after asking for sql authentication login and password)
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    wrong section post? It should've been posted under Microsoft SQL Server.

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