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    Unanswered: advise - store or not to store in database


    Short introduction: So I'm making a sort of small/basic content managment system for my site. It's going to be a site where you can watch flash movies, comics and play games and everything is ofcourse made by me and my friend. With that beeing fancy and all; I'm not really experienced with php.

    The final site will have some games and movies.. but not that much

    Question: How much slower does my website get for visitors when using a database.
    when is it a good choise to make a whole database for a website? When I've got like 20 movies/pages.. Can't I just make the CMS write a .php file precisely how I want it to be? With some includes() I could still make it slightly dynamic. Wouldn't that make the final website way faster for visitors?

    I have no idea how slow/fast things are. So maybe someone can advise me or point me to a website that explains speed issues (or general explanation of when to databases). That would be much appreciated.

    Have a nice day!

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    Not sure what's your questions. It's too open ended. Many sites are 100% database backend and their speed are pretty fast. If your data doesn't change too often there are many ways of caching like generating static HTML pages off your database, or using some kind of database caching like Memcache .

    Lastly, if you only care about managing the site (not programming or making the software backend for it), then you may be interested in PHPmotion.

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    Thanks for your reply. One thing I'm going to look into is the static htmlpage generating, that sounds like just the thing I need.

    I see now that my previous post was a bit cryptical. I was aiming for someone that could point me to a few methods. And maybe advise me wich one I should be using for my particular website.

    I am having a hard time deciding wich way to go.

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