In spite of the fact that MS SharePoint 2007 provides a wide range of opportunities for customizing business processes by including about 30 standard activity blocks in SharePoint Workflow Designer, the standard set of activities sometimes does not allow for organizing specific business processes.

Virto SharePoint Workflow 1.6 expands the range of the standard SharePoint activities, providing wider opportunities for creating custom activity sets, and thus, more flexible customization of business processes. The Workflow Kit is a set of no-code and ready-to-use activity blocks that you can easily add to SharePoint Designer and build your own workflow within a minute.

Key activities:

Active Directory activities
Sending emails with List Item/HTTP attachment and using SMTP-Server
Sending direct messages to Twitter
Instant messaging to Jabber, Miranda and GTalk
Sending SMS
Text activities (capture, replace, validate, format, translate)
InfoPath activities
HTТP-activities (receive HTML, send HTTP post)
Grant permission on an item activities
Document library activities