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    db2 V9.1 oS Aix 5.3

    for the first time i am working on db2connect servers. We already have a lot of servers.

    When i list the node directory . I can clearly see that these are main frame databases. And i can list db2 db directory and see few databases.

    The questions is i can see them using db2 list dcs directory. How would i know if these databases are cataloged using catalog dcs command or catalog database command.

    When can we use catalog dcs database command ?

    And i assume the db2 clients are connecting from the client machine to db2 connect servers and then to mainframe system.

    how do we catalog databases in the client machine by using the config in the db2connect.

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    Yes, you can see DCS dbs using LIST DCS DIRECTORY

    Yes, you use CATALOG DCS DB to create DCS dbs

    You catalog a database definition for the mainframe db on the DB2 CONNECT server, client machines then catalog that database definition as the mainframe database. You use the URL and port of the DB2 CONNECT instance.

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